Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Gun Prohibition sign warning vector illustration. Restricted area pistol not allowed.

On January 16, 2023 at a regularly scheduled meeting, the Session (Board) of Old Greenwich Presbyterian Church voted unanimously to establish the land and facility of Old Greenwich Church to be a gun free zone. From thenceforth, it is the determination of the Session that no firearms of any kind will be allowed anywhere on church property at any time except as carried, maintained or under the control of active duty police and qualified and permitted retired police or designated security guards. This policy applies to all people who enter upon the property of the church including but not limited to church staff, members and friends, all guests, private contractors and delivery people, and all who use the church facility for authorized purposes including but not limited to Greenwich Nursery School, Alcoholics Anonymous, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and any other persons, groups, or organizations who may use church land or facilities for their own purposes whether or not authorized by the church.

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