Our Elders

The word “Presbyterian” means elder-led, and we are! In our Presbtyerian faith, we believe that God works in community, and so it is never up to just one person to lead. Our Board of Elders, called the Session, consists of a faithful group of men and women of all ages who makes decisions about the church. 

Elders are elected by the congregation to serve 3-year terms. Our Session is:

Class of 2023

  • Ed Ahart
  • Barb Frinzi
  • Richard Theurer
  • open

Class of 2024

  • Susan Bradlau
  • Lisa Kolterjahn
  • Al Marino
  • Sharon Smith
  • Jennifer Miller (Clerk of Session)

Class of 2025

  • Abbie Conlon
  • Don Hannis
  • Lori Metz