Lenten Per Capita Challenge

Lenten Per Capita Invitation by Elder Abbie Conlon
If you are like me, you often struggle during Lent to come up with something to give up. Whether it be sweets or morning coffees, it can be difficult to go choose something to stick to. The Discipleship Committee would like to invite you to join us in a Lenten Per Capita challenge. For the 40 days of Lent, we would like you to consider “giving up” a dollar a day to go towards your per capita pledge. (As a reminder, the per capita is the price per head our church pays towards our wider denomination). The total amount per person is $42.50, so by putting $40 away throughout Lent, you will have basically fulfilled your per capita amount. Last year, our church raised around $3,000 in per capita pledges; but no matter how much we raise, we are committed to paying the full amount because we believe our connections to one another and to the wider church are holy, necessary and good!
Let’s come together this Lenten season to help our church to thrive with the full support of our per capita pledges (which is around $13,000). There are countdown calendars located in the back of the sanctuary (Narthex) for you to put on your fridge to track your progress through Lent. This could also be a fun family event to open avenues of communication on thoughtful giving in church. Please see anyone on the Discipleship Committee with any questions (Al Marino, Abbie Conlon, Charlie Frinzi, Rob Todd, Katie Rienzo (ex officio), Pastor MB (ex officio). Thank you!