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The Past, The Present, and The Future

It is that time of year again. The weather is turning colder, the last of the leaves are falling off the trees, we are thinking about the upcoming holidays, and at OGPC we need to be making our pledges for the coming year. Most of us here at OGPC know that 2016 has been a tough year with regards to finances. We had to replace a boiler when we did not specifically have the funds sitting in the bank to make it happen, but we were able to get through the cold winter and were able to make it happen. But OGPC still faces many financial challenges in 2017 and for years to come. 

As previously discussed in the Breezeway and in our Minutes for Discipleship, the theme of our 2016 Pledge Campaign is “The Past, The Present, and The Future:”

  • THE PAST: On October 30th we were able to look at photos and look at (and touch) wedding dresses from our past. 
  • THE PRESENT: On November 6th we were able to look at photos and discuss all of the many great things that happened in 2016.
  • THE FUTURE: Where is OGPC going? Who do we want to be? How are we going to get there?

The future that we believe we all want for OGPC will take a renewed commitment from you! What we need from everyone is a commitment to our future. You might be asking “Great, what does that mean?”  

What we really need is about $40,000 more in 2017 than we had in 2016. Here at OGPC we have about 400 members,
with about 105 current “pledging units” (families) out of about 210 potential “pledging units.” Breaking it down, that means we need approximately $8 more per week / per family. That’s comes to about $32 / month, or about $420 / year more per family. 

So what costs $8/week?

  • Two Starbucks coffees per week
  • Taking lunch to work vs. buying it twice a week
  • 1.5 packs of cigarettes per week (come on, it’s time to quit anyway)
  • One fewer mani/pedi per month
  • One to four lotto tickets (bet on the Lord, not lotto)
  • Washing your car at home
  • One date or family outing to the movies every month
  • Packing the kid’s lunch vs. purchasing at school
  • Calling your cable / satellite company and getting a better rate
  • Swapping two name grocery brands for generics

The point is that $8 per week is something that most of us can do if we really want to make it happen. On November 20th we will have our Commitment Sunday where we ask everyone to turn in their pledges for the 2017 calendar year, so I ask you to prayerfully consider what you and your family can do to support OGPC and to make our future awesome! 

Enclosed you will find a new pledge card that offers you the opportunity not only to make a financial pledge, but also a pledge to pray for and support OGPC through your time and talents.


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